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Toyota Prius Hybrid

Toyota Prius Hybrid


Experience unparalleled fuel efficiency and eco-friendly driving with the 2014 Toyota Prius HYBRID, offering a seamless blend of performance and sustainability. Unlock the future of automotive technology with the 2014 Toyota Prius HYBRID, delivering a smooth and quiet ride coupled with advanced hybrid engineering. Elevate your driving experience to new heights with the 2014 Toyota Prius HYBRID, where cutting-edge innovation meets reliability, making every journey efficient and enjoyable

  • Basic Information

    MAKER Toyota
    MODEL Prius Hybrid
    MODEL YEAR 2014
    HANDLE Right
    MILLAGE 60,100Km
    ENG. SIZE 1,800cc
    FUEL Gasoline
    No. OF DOORS 5
    Misc. -


  • Other Features

    • Back camera
    • Surround sound system
    • Company tail lamps
    • Tommykaira aero parts
    • Aftermarket 19-inch alloy wheels
    • Alpine navigation system with full-seg TV
    • Aftermarket exhaust
    • Lowered suspension (adjustable coilovers)
    • Keyless entry
  • Loan

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